Makita Date Code – Milwaukee Date Code

I have been asked on many occasions to explain where to find the date codes on makita and milwaukee product.

Both are really simple once you know how to do it.  I have attached example tags to the blog to give you a visual of each manufactures date code system.

Makita Date Code

The model number is right next to Makita on the right hand side.  The date code is directly below Makita.  the numbers say 09.2.  The first two digits (09) stands for the year the tool was built.  The second set of digits (2) stands for the month in the year the tool was manufactured.  so in the case of this tool, it was built in February 2009.

Milwaukee Date Code

Milwaukee is a little more tricky to abtain the date code, but once you know how, there will be no more problems.
the date code is found within the 13 serial number.  The serial number in this example begins with 718BD.  The next four digits in the serial number are the date code which in this case 1101.  Like Makita, the first 2 digits(11) are the year of manufacturing, the second set of digits (01) are the month within the year.  So 1101 stands for January 2011.

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