Echo Backpack Blowers

Generally, when a landscapers and home owners are looking for high quality backpack blowers; Echo, Stihl, and Red Max are the names that are coveted.  All three of these competitors offers similar features and power, however mph and engine size doesn’t alway equate to being the most powerful.

CFM is one of the most overlooked stats on a blower that is probably one of the most important.  Where MPH is the speed the air travels through the tube, CFM is the amount of air that is traveling through the tube.  The higher the CFM, the heavier the load you can push around. 

This is where Echo has set itself apart from the pack.  Where the Stihl offers 540 CFM, Echo changed the game by updating their fan design and offering customers a backpack blower that blows an unbeleivable 756 CFM.

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